Berlin Fashion Week - Marc Jacobs as patron for up-and-coming talents

Berlin is beautiful but is it really cosmopolitan? Today, I felt it was when I met Marc Jacobs at a press conference at the Peek & Cloppenburg Department store. P&C is the initiator of the "Designer for tomorrow" competition for up-and-coming fashion designers in Germany. This year nobody less than the Godfather of fashion himself -Marc Jacobs decided to become host and patron for this summer's pick of young talents at the Berlin fashion week.

Marc, we know you are really busy but appreciate your support of young talents.



Art illustration from Madrid: Blanca Gomez's Etsy shop

If I am already spending way too much time searching for goodies online I might as well share some of my new discoveries with you. I have been searching for art illustration to redecorate my living room when I came across Blanca Gomez's Etsy store. I love her pictures. They just put you in a good mood as they are very colorful and easy. They can be placed all over. I think I would  put them in between a wall full of black and white family photos. Make sure to use a bunch of different nice frames that you buy at the flea market. My suggestion is as usual -  "mix and match modern and vintage.






See more of Blanca Gomez's work:

Blancucha Etsy Store


A british summer dream by River Island

River Island striped top
13 GBP - riverisland.com

River island
45 GBP - riverisland.com

River Island skinny fit jean
40 GBP - riverisland.com

River Island cropped short
40 GBP - riverisland.com

River island
27 GBP - riverisland.com

River Island swimwear
15 GBP - riverisland.com

River island

River Island boot

River Island boot

River Island vintage handbag
25 GBP - riverisland.com

River Island handbag

River Island hat
17 GBP - riverisland.com

River Island brown shade
13 GBP - riverisland.com

brown espadrille wedges
65 GBP - riverisland.com

search - River Island

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