Wining, dining and shuffling in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

There are many ways to enjoy your time in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I mean, after all it is with no doubt, one of New York's creative high points of creativity so you will never be bored strolling on Bedford Avenue. But today I hadn't come here for vintage or window shopping. Today, I was here to meet someone I had never met before. He was a friend of friends from Berlin who was a passionate filmmaker and someone who, without no intention at all, became the founder of one of Berlin's most popular Bars (Luzia).

So what do you do with a temporary Williamsburg resident and filmmaker from Berlin that you never met before? Exactly. You get drunk! Of course, at least I chose the classy way which involved a bottle of Cote du Rhone at a really charming restaurant called the Rabbithole. After hours of giggling and talking about Berlin, New York, Istanbul, films, friends and foes, we decided to get more physical so my new friend suggested to take the party across the street in order to drink and shuffle at this bar called the Luckydog. I said shuffle because this place which welcomed people as much as they did dogs, had a fantastic and fun game called the shuffleboard. As expected, we started of as the biggest losers and could barely score against our experienced and by the way, very attractive opposite team. But not long after, we turned into "luckydogs" and took over the board. And as every victory needs celebration we decided to cross the bridge to Soho, Manhattan and finish our night at Goldbar.


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