Berlin designers "44spaces" at Holy Shit Shopping

Last Sunday I went to "Holy Shit Shopping", a market/fair that only goes on tour in Germany twice a year representing 150 up and coming product, fashion and graphic designers, musicians, artists, illustrators and publishing houses. Not only is this market/fair an inexpensive way to market young designers' products but it also offers local artists a great opportunity to promote their work beyond city borders and enable creative synergies among each other without having to spend thousands of Dollars on expensive trade fairs. And it includes a cool DJ at site. So pack your stuff if you are near Stuttgart. Next fair takes place on 18+19 Dec.

I can't lie. I am a city person; an addict to urban adventures and drama. New York, Berlin, Barcelona, London..etc..they all loyally hold my secrets and never tell. So why not show appreciation by putting them in my house, my pocket, my pants, etc. I found the perfect designers at "Holy Shit Shopping" to help me with that - 44Spaces, an agency for visual communication and design and known for their cool metropolitan skyline designs.

The pictures below only show a few a examples of your favorite city. If you need to see more and you live in Berlin come to the next fair organized by Weihnachtsrodeo Haus Ungarn, Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 9, Berlin this weekend.

My favourite Skyline is Istanbul. Which one is yours?

city shades

key holders

lamps and wall stickers

a must have for bike riders at night!

Tomorrow, I will introduce more designers that I met at the Holy Shit Shopping Lounge.

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