Colorful outfits will cheer you up on a gloomy winter day

It's been days since my last post. That's because my bottom was glued to the couch sipping hot apple juice with cinnamon and watching different versions of cinderella and Christmas TV. I figured you were doing the same so I tried to not to feel too bad about it. However, it's time to get up and leave the lounging behind. After all, New Year's Eve is approaching and me and my girlfriends mentally need to get prepared for the consumption of 12 gin & tonics. So, the best way to slowly say good-bye to your couch is color therapy by wearing colorful fashion. Unfortunately, Berlin is always gloomy and grey so people will look at you funny if you are wearing more than one piece of red, pink or purple. That shouldn't bother you though. It will eventually put a smile on their faces too.

So here are some "happy" examples for you:

This guy was just too cute, I had to ask for a picture. Can you blame me?

Do you remember these socks? so 80ies, so happy!


It wouldn't look that great without the extra large red, plaid scarf she is wearing, would it?

Tomorrow, I have another "happy" theme for you. I photographed Erica Tanov's store in New York. It really is a playground for kids and fashionistas.

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