Decoration and Xmas gift ideas from Berlin

First of all, have a happy 3rd Advent everyone! For those of you who don't know what that is because it's a very German or northern european tradition: The 4 Sundays before Christmas we call Advent and each of those Sundays we light up a candle until it's Christmas.
I want to take this chance to present my friend's self-made Advent wreath that we all admired last night and her decoration for this Xmas season.



But I understand that you all need more DIY ideas or Christmas gifts. I discovered a really cute home accessories store in Kreuzberg, Berlin called "Polli Überall" when I was on my way to my favorite licerish store Kado. They both have online stores so don't fret if you live outside of Germany.

Polly Überall is known for their famous paper bag prints, their charmingly labelled fabrics, fabric frames, wallpaper key holders and much more. You really a get a lot of Christmas magic out of one customized paper bag for very little money. Hope you enjoy the pics.

labeled pillows and pom pom baby shoes

labeled dish clothes "home, hero, sister, luck, etc., 


frame made of fabric

framed printed Berlin pics and prints on wood

easily made at home: an ensemble of fabrics of your choice on cushioned frame

your choice of wallpaper on wood as key holders

rubber-stamped paper bags, use of printed scotch tapes, etc..

Tomorrow I am gonna show you a few examples on how some Berliners recycle their food packages.

I am going to Nan Goldin's Berlin work exhibition at Berlinische Galerie today.
What are your plans for your Sunday?

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