Green Design - Recycle what you already have

I was pretty amazed on how much green design was actually lived (not only talked about) when I was strolling through the "Holy Shit Shopping market" in Berlin. It is nice to see that young designers take this topic really seriously- even though for some of them the green idea emerged out of economic pressure such as lack of capital for buying new materials. I guess the slow economy did have some more good sides to it than we thought. Like my mom always says "There is something good in everything bad". Anyhow, I would just say "Bravo guys!"

Unfortunately, I didn't have much time for more pics. Below you will find a few examples on how to reuse some of your oldies.

Lamps made out of vinyl records by Lockengelöt


wardrobe made out of old books. Available at Lockengelöt


Vases and hooks made out of old or broken teapots

Why buy a new belt if you can pimp up your old? Available at Wechselwild

Belts made out of old bicycle tires. More eco-friendly products available at YeaYea

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