Miss Baggy and a new indoor market in Berlin

Last Saturday I got up early to explore the new market (Markthallen am Gleisdreick) that had opened not long ago inside of a really cool, former industrial building in Berlin. The market is pretty big and offers, tons of great food and cafe stands, a flea market, cool vintage vendors and young, up and coming designers and artists from Berlin. So if you need to sell some of your  latest designs, inventions,  or oldies but goodies, this is the perfection option. It is much better than freezing at on outdoors flea market.

Speaking of, when I was strolling through one of the 4 halls, I noticed two ladies from East Berlin selling their handmade bags that were made of felt. The reindeer design stroke me immediately. It is perfect for the winter season which is, unfortunately,  very long in Berlin. And when the winter is over you can still make use of the bag filling it up with bunch of small bottles of Jaegermeister. Jokes aside, but Angelika and Martina Wenzel's "Miss Baggy" label has much more designs than reindeers and the prices the prices are reasonable. Even "Kill me Please" actress Zazie de Paris showed off  her favorite custom-made bag at the  Rome Film Festival (see first photo). Good start, ladies!!!

right photo by Ernesto Ruscio







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  1. Love, love,love it. Seems I have to go there this upcoming weekend and explore the halls. Thanks for that money spending opportunity, my dear! Cheers, Andrea


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