Street fashion in Soho and Brooklyn

Forgive me because I am still in my Kitty Cheng haze. Kitty Cheng is a bar that is opening up tonight in Berlin but lucky me and a bunch of other really good looking people had the chance to test the drinks, the audio and the vibe last night before the official opening. I had so much fun although my navy blue vintage Moschino blazer is still recovering on my balcony from all the cigarettes we were smoking last night.

However, before I start detoxing for the day I want to leave you with some street fashion inspiration for the weekend.

This picture could have been taken decades ago. I love this style. Very emancipated and Ingrid Bergman

I love this look. Should we just call him "The Italian"? or is he French? Let's not cause a political discussion but we have to admit his look is very authentic and we know we all need a knit wool sweater like that to get through the winter

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