Berlin posters and a must have Berlin bag to take home from fashion week

I hope your first day of the fashion week in Berlin is going well. If you are already thinking of buying a good souvenir to take home I can help you with a few ideas:

At my last visit at a designer's market around Christmas I have noticed two stands that were pretty popular. I could totally see why. One was selling  Berlin posters. What is special about them? Apart from the great design, most of them were silk-screen-printed posters which provides a different depth in colors and they look more 3 dimensional. Honestly, so far the nicest posters I have seen around and the city is flooded with crappy printed material on Berlin.

If you need more info on where you can get those rare pieces have a look at SOB poster. Please be advised that they come in limited editions only. The designer himself  Marcus Fischer-  is a really talented photographer and graphic designer. You have probably seen his work in ad campaigns, magazines and on Berlin's advertising columns. Check out his website if you want to see some more of his work.










This bag is just hilarious and can only be bought through Facebook. It's called "Mitteopfer" which means Mitte-victim. Mitte is called the center part of town in Berlin and stands for a quite exclusive lifestyle. The guy drawn on the bag describes the perfect stereotype of the typical Mitte guy. So, it's a must have bag for fashionistas. Hmmmmm, I wonder what a Soho victim looks like?


wrapped up in frozen zip up bag with serial numbers
deepfrozen on 18.12.2010 and good until "the next trend"

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