Fashion between nostalgia and mania

I have taken the pictures below in two different neighborhoods in New York. One was taken in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn and the angel-like looking girl was captured on Avenue A in the East Village. I am never sure if some of the people that I photograph actually put a lot of thought in what they are wearing when they get ready for the day or whether it is a random choice of clothes. I admit, there is no doubt that "Andre 3000" on the picture below puts a lot of effort into making his choice.

Well, whether some people are aware of it or not they use fashion to express themselves in different ways. The pics below are two extreme examples of my daily encounters - the hyperactive and the daydreamer. I enjoy both looks. Have you ever thought about your fashion moods? Do you look different everyday or do you work with the same 3 outfits that you have throughout the whole week?





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  1. She looks adorable cute! And i try to look different every day, for sure ;)


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