Berlin Fashion Week - Marc Jacobs as patron for up-and-coming talents

Berlin is beautiful but is it really cosmopolitan? Today, I felt it was when I met Marc Jacobs at a press conference at the Peek & Cloppenburg Department store. P&C is the initiator of the "Designer for tomorrow" competition for up-and-coming fashion designers in Germany. This year nobody less than the Godfather of fashion himself -Marc Jacobs decided to become host and patron for this summer's pick of young talents at the Berlin fashion week.

Marc, we know you are really busy but appreciate your support of young talents.


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  1. tory burchの商品を当店で購入したお客様、いつも当ショップをご注目いただき、本当に感謝していますね!今後も、どうぞよろしくお願いしますね!さて、次はトリーバーチ トートについて紹介しております。このブランドのバッグと言うと、やっぱり収納面のほうが一番目立ちますね。アウトにもポケットが充実にセットされ、細かいアイテムがスッキリと収納できる大容量のバッグでーす。フロントにつけられた定番のロゴマークが洗練的で存在感たっぷり!


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